Sophisticated Video SEO

Video SEO is crucial as the amount of video online grows exponentially. There is no argument about the importance of landing on the front page of search results, but we take care of that for you.

Vidcaster’s out-of-the box video SEO enables you to focus on the results of your video strategy. Additionally, Vidcaster allows you to boost your video SEO with the following native features:

Customizable meta data: For every video you upload, you can add titles, descriptions, and tags based on how you want your videos to be searched.

Update old videos without breaking the URL: We all make mistakes or need to update an outdated video, but no one wants to hurt their SEO by uploading a new video to a new URL. We fixed that. You can replace video files without breaking the live URL.

Video sitemap: Every video gallery site comes with an auto-populated sitemap that we send off to the search engines. You can rest easy, your sitemap is done.

Video transcripts: Vidcaster supports video transcripts so you video is searchable. Additionally, on the enterprise plan, Vidcaster support site wide video transcript search so your viewers can find the exact part of the video they are interested in.

Video categorization: Vidcaster’s categorization means you have a landing page for each category of videos. Just another way for someone to find you!

Video playback pages: Finally, each individual video has an associated video playback page.

Let's take your video where it needs to go!