Why Video Marketing?

Our Software

Video Site Manager

Easily manage video on your website with responsive design, that is mobile and tablet friendly.

Social Media

Share and manage video across all major social media channels and gain engagement insights.

In-Video Call-to-Actions

Add annotations, links, chapters, and quizzes to videos, compatible across all platforms and devices.

Video Playback Pages

Each video is given it’s own branded page with a unique URL, for controlled and measured playback.

Video Subscriptions

Charge viewers to watch videos by launching  a variety of paid or free video subscription plans.

Lead Generation Tools

Convert video viewers into contacts with in-video forms, track and monitor leads as they watch videos.

Video SEO Management

Auto-generated and managed video site map, unique video urls, and transcription.

User-Level Analytics

Track contacts and leads, site level behavior, video and interactivity engagement.

More features including HTML5 video, video marketing automation and protected video sites. Learn more.

Video Marketing Success

Learn more about what our customers are doing with video.  Learn More



How Video Marketing Works

Resources for video content marketers.